The innovative expression of
Ryukyu culture

Transcend nostalgia on Ishigaki Island—
the first step toward something new


Island vegetables, aromatic herbs and
subtropical fruits that stimulate the senses

Fresh seafood brought in by the Black Current

And rare Ishigaki beef and
Ishigaki black chicken

Sustainable produce from the sea and
land of Yaeyama


24 degrees 20 minutes north latitude, 124
degrees 9 minutes east longitude

410 km south west of Okinawa’s main
island, and 250 km from Taipei

Average annual temperature of 24.3 Celsius

Sekisei Lagoon, Shiraho Coral Reef, Mt. Omoto,
Nagura Ampal,
mangrove primeval forest,
Yaeyama palm colony, Fusaki Churaboshi stars...

Ishigaki Island is a natural paradise
blessed by the Gods


An entrance that exuding Nangoku modernism

Chandeliers that resemble
a starry night sky

Ryukyu garden surrounding
the dining area

A special night to be spent with
that special someone

A luxurious space that goes by the name HANARÉ

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